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Cost of Hiring PPC Marketing Services: Internal or Outsourced?

For various reasons, your business might require the assistance of a PPC marketing company. First, PPC advertising can be expensive, particularly if you don't have an internal PPC manager to oversee the campaign. 

In this circumstance, you can consider working with an agency rather than hiring an internal PPC manager. Here are some recommendations for picking a PPC firm.

Cost of PPC Advertising Services

The degree of competition for a certain keyword is one factor that affects how much PPC marketing services cost. While some phrases would only cost a few cents per click, others could fetch up to $50 per click.

The right keyword selection is crucial to the success of your PPC campaign because it will determine how much your advertising will cost. 

The Cost of Internally Hiring a PPC Manager

Hiring an internal PPC manager has several advantages. The cost might be lower because they do not have health insurance and only work a predetermined amount of hours per week.

Internal managers are also more actively involved in the company's day-to-day operations. They are more likely to offer excellent customer service. 

Additionally, outsourced PPC managers are frequently less expensive than internal labor. This technique requires less time because hiring, training, or interviewing is no longer necessary.

The cost of a salary, health insurance, or any other employee perks will also not be your responsibility. A great PPC manager will also receive a fair monthly income from you.

Hiring an internal PPC manager has the added advantage of improving their familiarity with your target audience and your products. 

In addition to understanding more about your audience, they will be able to target your customers based on their interests, demographics, and buying preferences. You can also leverage their knowledge for other marketing initiatives like SEO. 

The price of hiring an internal PPC manager will depend on your company's needs.

The Disadvantage of Hiring an Internal PPC Manager

While the pay for a PPC manager varies by location and level of expertise, $5,000 per month for one with three to five years of experience is reasonable. Although less expensive, an unsuccessful PPC manager will still be ineffective. 

Many companies still demand that PPC managers possess a marketing degree. In reality, the early 2000s saw the creation of most marketing degrees. Examining a PPC manager's work history, case studies, and body of published work is the simplest way to identify one who is qualified.

Another disadvantage of hiring an internal PPC manager is that managing a W2 employee is more difficult than managing an independent contractor. 

The employee's income and health benefits are subject to both federal and state taxes. It would be beneficial if you also paid the employee's taxes, unemployment, and worker's compensation benefits.

Contracting a Remote PPC Manager

The in-house PPC manager gets compensated better than a third-party business, nevertheless. This internal PPC manager will better understand the company's objectives and values. 

Additionally, they will be more likely to attend business meetings and be familiar with the company's culture and goals. All of these benefits cannot be provided by external PPC managers. Additionally, your spending will decrease.

An internal PPC specialist is knowledgeable about the market and can swiftly change a campaign's bidding strategy. 

Moreover, they have the option of starting the entire campaign over. Internal PPC specialists can frequently save the day when an external agency falls short of a company's objectives. 

However, hiring a PPC manager internally costs more money than hiring one externally.

Purchasing PPC Marketing Services 

Hiring a PPC company is a great alternative for internet marketing, but how much does it cost? A team of professionals can be hired for less money than a full-time employee, albeit each organization has its price system.

Working with a PPC firm has no geographical restrictions as well. Top companies typically interact with clients both domestically and internationally. 

Therefore, the cost of hiring advertising services in Calgary will depend on your needs and objectives.

The most frequent approach to pay a PPC agency is as a percentage of your advertising spend. This pricing structure is clear even to customers on a tight budget. 

Some agencies nevertheless overcharge by leaving out fees from their billing. To avoid this, be sure to look for businesses with transparent pricing policies. Once you've found a PPC company that falls within your budget, ask about their price.


A PPC marketing company's pricing structure should be flexible enough to accommodate changes in your budget over time. Several companies provide fixed-price models. These fee schedules encourage performance and increase income for both parties. They might, however, impose protracted contracts and a setup fee. 

Make sure to discuss the specifics of this upfront fee with your PPC agency before making any decisions. The best PPC company and Google Ads services will work with you to accomplish your goals rather than just promoting your own.

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