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Some Reasons Your Website Design May Not Be Working

Web design trends come and go. If we look back on the website we built for our first client, it would be considered a poor job compared to today's websites. Although it could be viewed as a terrific job at the time, it may not be true today.

If you have been in the website design business for a long time, you would also know that the website design journey is filled with blunders and mistakes. However, we still learn something significant and priceless along our adventure. 

With our experience in website design, we will run you through the key points that may be why your website design doesn’t seem to click.

You May Just Be Inexperienced

Throughout a brand’s web design journey, professionals can be guilty of numerous errors, and that’s normal. Many of us make avoidable mistakes when we first dive into web design, but we should be able to learn over time.

We can master the art of web design through trial and error, user feedback, research, data-driven judgments, tenacity, and a ton of experience from making mistakes.

Learning the ropes can take years to achieve, as web design is challenging to master. Delegating web design tasks to more seasoned professionals can help improve your site in no time.

You Are Not Creating Unique Sites

Although it may seem incredible to think of yourself as unique, less than 1% of businesses are. Why should creativity be your website's priority if that's the case? 

Numerous surveys may provide you with the same information. Hard data from HubSpot shows that 76% of users indicated that their top priority is quickly locating what they're looking for.

Only 10% of users indicated that having a nice look was their top priority. Additionally, content—not creativity—was the top priority for all website visitors. The secret is that people will stay on your site longer if it is well-organized, and the longer visitors stay, the more likely they will make a purchase.

You Don't Have a Good Web Design Tool

Humans tend to choose quick cuts, yet not everything in life can be accomplished in that way. Today, anyone can learn how to use a low-cost web design tool daily. But if you take shortcuts, you won't be able to learn how to build a website that will attract targeted traffic, convert visitors into buyers, and generate revenue.

You Are Lacking a Reliable Project Management Software

Project management software organizes everything and holds employees accountable for their efforts, which means you will get what you agreed on. So, putting your money on a web design firm that lacks project management is a bad investment.

You Don't Have a Conversion Strategy

If your site designer did not assist you in defining your primary and secondary conversions, this is a red indicator that you should consider a backup plan. A conversion may be defined as whatever your primary aim for your website is. 

It may be a phone call, an email sign-up, a contact form, an e-commerce transaction, or a button clicked to route a website visitor correctly. Your site designer should assist you in defining your conversions and maximizing your ROI.


Considering everything stated above, do you think your website design still needs work? If so, you will want to get in touch with us to look into the areas of your website design that needs improvement.

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