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Is Your SEO Working? Steps on How to Determine

SEO or search engine optimization is among the top strategies among digital marketers. However, if you want it to work, you need to constantly monitor your performance well to see whether it is successfully helping you achieve your goals or not. 

Your SEO performance is measured through several key metrics. These metrics are the ultimate barometer for determining how well your SEO works, how much it's costing you, and how much you need to improve or scale.

Measuring the following factors can help you determine whether your SEO is effective or not.

How to Know If Your SEO Campaign Is Working

Here is how you can check if it is working:

1. Check Using an Incognito Window

Make sure to do this in an Incognito window. That means it's not in your browser history, and you're not logged in. Doing this step is essential because, with SEO, you want to test thoroughly and not be affected by your previous browser actions.

Know if your SEO is working by trying out the window below.

  • Type in your site or a keyword that you think should produce the landing for the site.
  • If the site doesn't appear in the top search results, then that is a sign that your SEO may not be too successful.

2. Look for Your Google Listing Status

Make sure your business is on the Google business list with complete and accurate details. Then, check for your listing status.

As a search engine, Google has a list of the status of your content. Since the search engine is constantly working on updating its data, you might have to do your research a few times to see your information. However, you should find some information if your SEO is working.

Here is what you should look for on your status:

  • Checking the last time your information was updated
  • How many people have interacted with your content
  • What the source of your information is
  • How you can rank better with your content

3. Check If Your Website's Pages Are Indexed

Search engines must be able to crawl data on your website. That means that your website must have data that search engines can access.

Search engines first use this data to index your website and its pages. This data makes it easy for search engines to search your website and get the necessary information. Then, they use the data to populate their search results. If your website pages aren't indexed, then search engines can't search your site.

Find the complete list of pages on your website by going to your Google Search Console > Crawl > Crawl Stats > Pages.

Now, try to find a single page that is not indexed. If you can’t find any, that is a sign that your SEO is working.

Another easy way is to type "site:[insert your domain name here]" from Google's search bar. It will show the pages associated with your site, giving you an idea of what you need to fix. 

4. Check for Your Site's Overall Rankings

Even if your site pages are indexed and appear in search results, that doesn't mean that your site is ranking well. You should monitor your rankings to see if your site is rising to the top of the search results or dropping.

The easiest way to find your site's overall ranking is by running a Google search for a keyword and then looking at the results. To compare the overall ranking of your site, you can use a tool like SEMRush, which will give you a more in-depth report.


By measuring your performance, you can determine if your SEO is working and what to do if it's not. The above strategies can help you gauge your SEO performance, decide whether it's effective, and give you an idea of what to do if your campaign is not working. 

If your SEO isn't working well, then it means that you need to take the proper steps to make it work. Additionally, if you're not getting the desired results with your SEO, it's time to invest in an SEO consultant to help you maximize your strategy.

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